Andrew Barthle, the second of six children, was born 16 NOV 1802 in Oberbettringen, Jagstkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany (in the Black Forest area) to Joseph and Katharina (Trinkle) Barthle. Andrew had a total of 4 wives and 13 children. All of Andrew's marriages took place in Waldstetten, Ostalbkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany, which is also the town where his children were born.

When Andrew was 29, he married his first wife Anna Maier, in 1829. Bernard was their first child born in 1830. A year later his sister, Maria Anna was born. She lived to the age of 6. Four more children followed who died several months after being born—the last child died in June 1840.

In January 1842, when Andrew was 40, he married his second wife, Maria Josefa Menrad. Maria gave him 5 children in 5 years. All died within weeks of being born, except their 4th child, Maria who was born in 1845.

After Maria Josefa died, Andrew married her sister, Maria Anna Menrad in 1848. They had one child, Andrew Barthle, born December 9, 1848.

In 1849, when Andrew was 47, he married Barbara Blessing. Bernard was then 19, Maria was 4, and Andrew was 1. Together they had 2 more children, Charles and Franziska.

In February 1861, at age 59, Andrew, Barbara Blessing, his 3 sons, Bernard's new bride, Agnes and his daughter, Franziska immigrated to America. They settled first in Ohio before moving to Millwood Townsip in Minnesota and finally at the age of 80, after Barbara Blessing died, Andrew came to Florida.

His other daughter, Maria, stayed in Germany, married Anton Seitzer in 1871 and had 11 children. Four children lived to be between 8 and 20 years old, 5 died in infancy, a son Bernard (1882) survived, and a girl, Theresa who was born in 1884, lived to be 47.

Andrew Barthle had 51 grandchildren from his 5 living children. He died in 1891 at the age of 88.